Assisted Ring Dip Lesson

Updated: Mar 26

Learn this progression and you will be well on your way to doing ring dips in no time. You can watch the lesson for free below. To be complete the Badge for this skill hit this link

There you will be have up to 5 days of personalised coaching until you perfect it, all via the app and in your own time. If you complete it on day 1 get the badge and move onto the next one.

Repeating this process over 6 months leaves you with

a) A whole new brain and a whole new body

b) A video library full of functional workouts and skills to repeat in future and track progress

c) A community and space full of like minded individuals, following, sharing, and supporting one another as they work together through different programs and challenges.

If there is any part of this tutorial that you are stuck with then please contact me and I will give you a personalised program to get you through that sticking point.

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